Happy Old Year



The year’s about to call it quits,
Along with all the romp and fest,
And Santa Claus is chuffed to bits
To have eleven months of rest.


Hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as could be!  The new year is upon us, but hey, don’t count this one out just yet – there are still several days left in 2014!

So do something awesome before Thursday rolls around.  Something big, something memorable – something you can look back on and say you accomplished in 2014, even as its final moments slipped through your fingers like a greased-up ribbon in a strong breeze.  After all, being able to say you did that one thing that one time is what it’s all about, right?

Well, what is it?  What’s the thing?

See you in 2015.  (>^-‘)>


Bene scribete.

Banana Chair

A bananananana chair

Banana chair, banana chair,
Are you a fruit or seat?
On second thought, I shouldn’t care,
Since both are pretty neat.


I’ve had these chairs for a long time.  They’re tops.  I was wanting to get some more of them, but the company that made them seems to be spending these days not existing.

Bad times.

There’s a lot of cheapy little immitation floor rockers out there, but they’re just not the same, you know?

I must find a suitable successor.  One with comfort and class.

Bananas are really good.


Bene scribete.


Bunch of bottles

A bottle of anger,
Bottle of stew.
A bottle for me
And a bottle for you.

A bottle of danger,
Bottle of joy.
A bottle to keep,
And then one to destroy.

A bottle of stranger,
Bottle of friend.
A bottle to start
And a bottle to end.

A bottle of languor,
Bottle of time.
And an elephant.
You can’t put everything in a bottle.


Bene scribete.


When Pancakes


I like it when pancakes happen.
I like it when pancakes don’t.
I could use one to chisel a map in,
But I won’t.

I like it when pancakes steeple.
I like it when pancakes slant.
I’d make pancakes for all of the people,
But I can’t.

I like it when pancakes given.
I like it when pancakes got.
You may think that by pancakes I’m driven,
But I’m not.


No, really.  I mean, they’re just pancakes.


Bene scribete.

Cloud Dragon

I saw this guy over the Nevada desert last week:


Cloud Dragon (Front)


Something like a dragon blowing smoke out his nose, eh?  It was extremely clear in person, but I couldn’t get a very good photograph without optical zoom.  I fiddled with the contrast and tried to enhance the details as best I could.

Here’s another from his side, several miles away.  Look closely and you can make out his neck, horns, eyes, and snout:


Cloud Dragon (Side)


Dragon in the cloud,
Are you proud?
Are you cowed?
Would you deign to flutter down
And say “hi”?

Dragon in the sky,
Tell me why
Do you cry
When the wind begins to blow
Way up there.

Dragon in the air,
Do you care
If I stare?
For I must admit I’m struck
By your gleam.

Dragon wrought of steam,
I must deem
You a dream,
As I know I’ll never see
You again.


Bene scribete.