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Shauna Scheets - Watched Time


To promote the upcoming release of the second volume in Shauna Scheets‘s series of steampunk shorts (say that five times fast!), the first – Watched Time – is free on Kindle today [9-27-14].

Give it a look!  And if you feel so inclined, it’s follow-up – Gunpowder and Lights – is available for pre-order (99¢ on Kindle, due for release on October 15, 2014).


Bene scribete.



So safe


I came across this sign posted near the employee break room at a Lowe’s in Meridian, and found it too delightfully absurd not to capture.

I guess they’re trying to make some sort of statement about…workplace precautionary responsibilities…?  I don’t even know, but it comes off as a hilarious micro-encapsulation – a reductio ad absurdum – of the whole security vs. freedom polarity.

But you’re right, Lowe’s – it’s hard to be in any less danger than in a state of utter existential stagnation.  (>^-‘)>


Bene scribete.

Lost Time

Lost Time Cover


Just wanted to spread the word that Shauna Scheets‘s Lost Time – second volume in the Caillte Saíocht prequel trilogy – released this week!

As a promotional bonus, the first volume – Ascha – will be free on Kindle today and tomorrow (9/7 – 9/8), so go check it out if you haven’t yet!


Bene scribete.