The Books

The Amber Ring

At the age of ten, Sofia Corona saved the Fairwoods from the malevolent grasp of the Cedar Witch and her goblin army.

Two years later, she drowned unceremoniously in the lake behind her Oregon home.

In the months following the Heroine’s death, when the Fairwoods face a resurgence of goblin attacks, they are forced to turn to Sofia’s cynical twin sister, Maya, for help. Although she wants nothing more to do with her sister’s fanciful adventures, Maya comes to realize that this one last favor could give her the closure she needs to put Sofia’s memory to rest and move on with her life.

With her twin’s magic ring and faithful gryphon companion, Maya embarks on a reluctant journey of whimsical antics and unwitting self-discovery in this stark but humorous fairy tale.


You can pick up The Amber Ring at these locations:

Paperback: Direct ($5.99) | Amazon US ($5.39) | Amazon UK (£3.99)
Free eBook: KindleiBooks | Nook | Sony | Kobo
Direct download: PDF | ePUB


Dummy Cover

In a land divested of magic, millennia after its practice was declared forbidden, a mysterious threat endangers the kingdom of Lastern.  A curious young dragon living on the outskirts of human territory takes it upon herself to investigate the disturbance, and is soon pulled inadvertently into a long-impending conflict rooted in an age-old grudge.


A medieval fantasy suited for a young adult or general audience, this untitled novel is the first of a planned four- or five-part series.

You can read the prologue and first chapter starting here.



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