My youngest brother (who’s barely a teenager and already in college) wrote and directed a short film for the RØDE Reel competition, which invited participants to make a sub-five-minute feature utilizing their on-camera microphone.

The film stars actor Austin McCarthy, American Idol-ist Jesaiah Baer, and late-night-talk host Motown Maurice.

Give the finished project a look below:



Bene scribete.


A Hole in the Ceiling

Upside-Down Table


I’ve been looking at a lot of houses these past couple months.

On Thursday, while wandering through a pretty decent tri-level, I saw something unexpected in the dining room – a hole in the ceiling above the table.  And I don’t mean some nasty, haphazard, accidental hole.  This hole was large, perfectly rectangular, and even framed, complete with a couple bars of trim segmenting it like a window to the second story.

Why would there be a hole in the dining room ceiling?  Why would there be a hole in the floor upstairs?  What could be directly above this room that would possibly make that a desired feature?  I stepped closer to get a better look at what was in the room above.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you.  When I peered up through that hole, for one brief moment, sure as sure things, the following thought legitimately took residence my mind (a very tiny fraction of a second, mind you, but long enough to actively acknowledge myself actually, for realsies, having it):

Oh, what the f***, why is there an upside-down table hanging from the ceiling upstairs!?


But, you know, I was looking at a mirror.


Bene scribete.

Short Film Score Demo

I haven’t posted anything music-related in a little while, so I figured I’d share a little something I’ve been working on.

I was asked to do the music for a short film of my brother’s, and this was the demo chosen out of the handful I put together for it.  I was going for kind of an ’80s noir vibe with it.

Hope you enjoy!



Bene scribete.