The Perfect Bunny

Himalayan Rabbit

I would like to find a perfect bunny.
One with shape and color to acclaim,
And whose fur is soft as silk and honey.
I would like to know that bunny’s name.


This Himalayan rabbit was very nearly perfect.  Alas, my blurry photograph does the bunny justice not.


Bene scribete.


Once upon a time, there was a city called Ontario that I went through the day before yesterday on the way to ghoul town.

In this place that exists, there are restaurants where happy goblins eat people, I guess, but like to be neat about it.



And there are things that no longer have heads, but people like to pretend.



And, hey,  who wouldn’t want a bunny in a bonnet?



But greatest of all, there is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all year.



Look at it, and you’ll know.


Happy Easter, everyone – from the road.



Bene scribete.