Do you want to do your part to cut down on resource consumption, but still want to look like you take your beverages from disposable aluminum containers that you could, at any moment, crush against your skull and toss onto the sidewalk as you walk by with a satisfied belch?

Do you want to drink from a reusable metal mock-pull-tab can?


I mean, you can – look at the picture – you can, but why?  Why, though?

Why do you want to do that?

Do you want to put your drink into a metal soda/beer can, but then use a straw anyway?

Even more why?

Is this–is this a good idea?

Why does one of the straws have a gasket on it?


Bene scribete.


Trucks and Beer

After bringing you something profoundly hipster last week, I figure it’s only fair to jump to the other end of the spectrum and show you one of the most redneck things I’ve ever seen.


Hat for beer


I give you a baseball cap.  Advertising Ford.  With a bottle opener.

(Would it surprise you to learn that I found this at Wal*Mart?)

Trucks and beer, ladies and gentlemen.  Trucks and beer.


Bene vīvite.