Super Normal

Just another normal day, shopping for Normal Things at Rosauers.




Oh, nothing to see here.  Just a perfectly normal box of penne and ch–






…what in the unholy $%&# is chreese!?

I feel like whoever titled this product’s mouth melted in the midst of saying it, and no one bothered to question it.  I mean, surely, they thought, surely, an actual human being, living here in this reality, speaking this very language, meant make the sound “chreese” on purpose.

That’d be normal, wouldn’t it?


Bene ēdite.

Is It Done?



Whew.  A few months, tons of drugs, and a spiteful case of pneumonia later, it seems like, aside from some minor lingering dizzies, I’m almost kind of vaguely back to normal.

It would be, just…all sorts of super awesome if this didn’t become a regular thing.  Please, 2018?



Bene vīvite.