Is It Done?



Whew.  A few months, tons of drugs, and a spiteful case of pneumonia later, it seems like, aside from some minor lingering dizzies, I’m almost kind of vaguely back to normal.

It would be, just…all sorts of super awesome if this didn’t become a regular thing.  Please, 2018?



Bene vīvite.


O Stomach

Sick face

O Stomach —
You hate me today.
Did I eat something wrong?
Did I get in your way?

O Stomach —
That’s not very nice.
I’d say knock it off,
If you’d like my advice.

O Stomach —
I’ve got things to do.
I’m not making it up.
I promise it’s true!

O Stomach —
I’ll make you a deal:
You’ll get tasty things
If you don’t make me keel.


Bene scribete.