Once upon a time, there was a city called Ontario that I went through the day before yesterday on the way to ghoul town.

In this place that exists, there are restaurants where happy goblins eat people, I guess, but like to be neat about it.



And there are things that no longer have heads, but people like to pretend.



And, hey,  who wouldn’t want a bunny in a bonnet?



But greatest of all, there is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all year.



Look at it, and you’ll know.


Happy Easter, everyone – from the road.



Bene scribete.


The Amber Ring

Gold Amber Ring

At the age of ten, Sofia Corona saved the Fairwoods from the malevolent grasp of the Cedar Witch and her goblin army.

Two years later, she drowned unceremoniously in the lake behind her Oregon home.

In the months following the Heroine’s death, when the Fairwoods face a resurgence of goblin attacks, they are forced to turn to Sofia’s cynical twin sister, Maya, for help. But despite an earnest plea from her sister’s faithful gryphon companion, Maya wants nothing more to do with the enchanted land. The request continues to plague her mind, however, and she can’t help but wonder if doing this one last favor will give her the closure she needs to accept her sister’s death and move on with her life.


Such is the premise to my side-project novelette, The Amber Ring, a sort of semi-satirical dark fairytale. I’m just about done with the first draft, and was curious if the concept would appeal to anyone reading this. So – interest piqued? Let me know!


Bene scribete.