Wrong Number

Ever get an uncontextualized picture message from an unknown number strange enough that you have to respond in kind?

Yeah.  Apparently I do.


Picture Message


Bene scribete.


4 responses to “Wrong Number

  1. I cracked up. I love how you even folded the towel so perfectly.

    I wish someone would send me a cool wrong number text. Hahahaha. I have only gotten ones I feel I should respond to politely (such as directions or things that require RSVPs or whatnot that I might mess up their day if I don’t let them know it’s a wrong number).

    • Hehe, you’re just too nice, Tser. (>^-‘)> (O.K., I’d feel bad about messing with those, too!)

      I’ve gotten a few strange flirty wrong-number text messages that I’ve had some fun with as well, but I think this is the first time I’ve gotten a picture out of nowhere!


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