Glass Juice



Having trouble with a sore throat – not being able to get one, that is?

Tired of your esophagus not being torn to shreds?

Ever worry that you have too much blood?

Well, try glass juice!  Try it!

Open up your mind (and mouth (and guts)) to the sensation of drinking knives.

The only beverage made out of the bottle it comes in!

Glass juice.  Internal hemorrhaging has never been more refreshing.


Bene edite.


The Color of Adult

This is an actual commercial that’s airing on television right now, in this reality.



A dedicated, two-minute audiovisual advertisement for a coloring book.  A coloring book that costs $13.  A coloring book for adults.

Just take a moment to consider all of the things in sequence that had to go so magically wrong for such a commercial to wind up existing.

It’s really quite remarkable.


Bene scribete.