Housecapades: Part II



I think the previous owners of this place had a vendetta against walls.  Pulled about three pounds of nails, screws, and hooks out of them last weekend.

Here’s one wall, for example.  All of those little spots are spackled holes.


Well, back to painting…


Bene scribete.


A Hole in the Ceiling

Upside-Down Table


I’ve been looking at a lot of houses these past couple months.

On Thursday, while wandering through a pretty decent tri-level, I saw something unexpected in the dining room – a hole in the ceiling above the table.  And I don’t mean some nasty, haphazard, accidental hole.  This hole was large, perfectly rectangular, and even framed, complete with a couple bars of trim segmenting it like a window to the second story.

Why would there be a hole in the dining room ceiling?  Why would there be a hole in the floor upstairs?  What could be directly above this room that would possibly make that a desired feature?  I stepped closer to get a better look at what was in the room above.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you.  When I peered up through that hole, for one brief moment, sure as sure things, the following thought legitimately took residence my mind (a very tiny fraction of a second, mind you, but long enough to actively acknowledge myself actually, for realsies, having it):

Oh, what the f***, why is there an upside-down table hanging from the ceiling upstairs!?


But, you know, I was looking at a mirror.


Bene scribete.