Christmas Time is Reindeer Time (Probably)

Looking for some classic Christmas entertainment to liven up the holidays?  Of course not – you can find that anywhere.

Looking for some crazy Christmas entertainment to crazy up the holidays?  Well, then, might I prescribe a double dose of Finnish reindeer drama?

Behold the magical insanity that are these films:


Niko 2Reindeer Drama

You can’t always strike gold when absently perusing Netflix, but sometimes, you might strike…reindeer?

Don’t strike reindeer, though.  That’s terribly rude.

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Niko posterReindeer Drama: Part -1

After seeing the second movie, tracking down the first became a necessity.

It does not disappoint.

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They really do need to make more of these (if for no other reason than these reviews are always bringing in web traffic…  (>^-‘)> ).  Get on it, Finland!

And to the rest of you, have a wonderful Christmas!


Bene scribete.



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