Calling All Poets

As the norm of popular poetry these days shifts strongly in the direction of free-verse, I’ve been missing some good ol’ rhyme and meter.

So, this week I thought I would invite everyone to join me in having some fun with theme and structure.  I figured we could start with a round of limericks – they’re easy and entertaining, right?  If you need a refresher (or just like nit-picky specifications), a limerick is a five-line poem, often comical in nature, with an A/A/B/B/A rhyme scheme, and typically a 3/3/2/2/3-foot meter – every foot usually amphibrachic (short-STRESS-short), but sometimes anapestic (short-short-STRESS).

The theme for these limericks will be…mythological creatures.  Well-known or obscure, from any culture.

If you’d like to participate, just post your poem in the comments!  As a bit of incentive, I’ll give the author of the best one (in my very subjective opinion) a $10 USD Amazon credit (as regionally appropriate).


$10 Amazon Credit

Buy a book, or…anything else.


Once more, simplified – write a limerick about a mythological creature, post it in the comments, and next week (November 3, 2012) the ‘winning’ contribution will get some Amazon money.

To start things off, I’ll leave you with a not-particularly-humorous example of my own:

A dragon lay siege to a castle
And said to himself, “What a hassle
To plunder unaided
And end up half-sated;
I ought to get myself a vassal.”


Bene scribete.


15 responses to “Calling All Poets

  1. A hurricane named Sandy draws near
    Striking the East Coast with fear
    Folks prepare for themselves
    No water left on store shelves
    It’s ok… I’ve got plenty of beer

    • sorry… didn’t read the part about the mythical creatures first… but hopefully Sandy will end up being mythical in the hype and not cause too much damage for everyone in it’s path.

      • If only hurricanes were merely myth. (>^-‘)> But, yes, hopefully this one’s bark will be worse than its bite, in any case.

        Glad your cooler’s prepared, though. (>^-‘)>

  2. He lay in his crib just a-sleepin’
    When in came a snake a-creepin’
    He throttled its neck
    And said, “what the heck!”
    “I’d long for a cat to be peepin’!”

  3. Second try…

    There once was a Baggins named Bilbo –
    He renounced his estate in his will though –
    And while Hobbits did stare
    He vanished mid-air
    Leaving Frodo to face the imbroglio.


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