Mythological Limerick Round-Up

Thanks to all who participated in this last week’s poetry…thing!  Hopefully it was mildly entertaining.

There were some fun contributions.  If I have to pick a winner (which, according to myself, I do), it is this one, by Linda Colman:



A unicorn born to a mare
Sought solace in a punnett square:
“My horn though impressive
Is clearly recessive –
Not wrought for Celebrity’s glare.”


Nice use of catalectic amphibrachic paired with the acatalexis of the short lines!  And an extra point for using an open en dash.  (>^-‘)>  I see you’re on Google+, so I’ll hit you up there for the prize.


In other news, I’ve finally finished a presentable draft of The Book’s ninth chapter.  Before moving on to the next one, I think I’ll take a brief (…optimistically) intermission to work on a short story idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while, pestering me to get written.


Bene scribete.