Village Panorama


The Village in Meridian


There’s a classy new(-ish) place in Meridian that I’ve been going to lately, consisting of a movie theater reminiscent of a fancy Las Vegas hotel, an always welcome array of new restaurants, and a large chunk of real estate wasted on a disappointing overabundance of hipster clothing stores.

I thought the main courtyard was snazzy enough to provide an excuse for a wide shot.  Should have moved the camera more slowly, though…

Or maybe it’s just that my mind is too frazzled to say anything interesting this week.  (>^-‘)>


Bene scribete.

L.A. Interlude



I’m in Los Angeles this week (ostensibly to do some pre-production work on a movie I scripted – more on that later), but I’ll theoretically be back next weekend with something less lazy to say.

Until then, be…things.

Anyway, off to Hollywood.


Bene scribete.