Wednesday Writing Word: Metanoia


ˌmɛtəˈnɔɪə  |  met-uh-NOY-uh


Metanoia, as a rhetoric device, is following up a statement with another of similar sentiment but contrasting severity.  When strengthening the original idea, it can be used as a clarifier or an escalating gradient; when softening it, it can create a mild recanting or a dramatic understatement.



  • I fear that the slog is going to hinder me – that it’s going to smoother my brain, dull my senses, and rip the joy out of everything I do.
  • The slog is the absolute worst.  It’s just…really not my favorite thing, you know?


Metanoia.  Use it.


Bene scribete.


2 responses to “Wednesday Writing Word: Metanoia

  1. I see you share a love of words.
    There is a Porcupine Tree album called Metanoia… but I was not aware of the meaning of the word until now.

    • Words are fantastic, aren’t they? (And speaking of “Porcupine Tree”, band names always seem to be a place to have fun with them. (>^-‘)> )

      Metanoia (outside of rhetoric) can also refer to a spiritual transformation, though, which may have been more along the lines of what they were going for. Its literal meaning, from Greek, is a “change (of one’s) mind”, etymologically comparable to paranoia – “beside (one’s) mind”.


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