Font Squirrel



I’m not the biggest fan of squirrels, but…but I do like fonts.

Fonts are important in graphic design work, because writing text by hand is obnoxious and imprecise if you’re not a talented calligrapher.  If you are, then…well…good for you.  For the rest of us, looking for an appropriate typeface can sometimes be a tricky endeavor.

Font Squirrel makes it a little less tricky.  There are a lot of “free” font collection websites out there, but you have to be careful with most of them – a lot of the time what they’ll really indicate is “free for personal use”, which means go ahead and download and tinker around with them, but don’t get caught using them on anything in a professional capacity.  Font Squirrel, however, makes sure to stock only those typefaces which permit commercial usage for free, so you can browse their entire collection without worrying about licensing restrictions.

Fonts are organized by category, and each font has its own page with pertinent stuff, like its character set, example sentences, and even a tryout section to see how your own text looks in it before committing to the download.  For the handful of fonts that aren’t allowed to be re-hosted, a link to the font owner’s website is provided.

Anyway, it’s a handy resource for the budget-minded who get/want/need to design their own covers and promotional materials, and are looking (rightfully so) for a little more flair than the basic operating system defaults provide.  But, please, if you’re also handling the typesetting – for your readers’ sake, don’t get fancy with the interior font.  (>^-‘)>


Bene scribete.

A Sample

I’ve thrown up a general information page/tab for The Book, where I’ve uploaded the current draft of the first chapter for anyone interested in taking a glimpse at what I’m rambling about.  (Feedback is always welcome, of course, be it words of praise or scathing hatred, so long as you can answer the most important question – does it make you want to read more?  (>^-‘)> )

Dummy Cover

I also whipped up a temporary cover so the page wouldn’t look so naked (I never claimed to be artistically inclined, though!).  Perhaps I’ll add a progress report of some sort in the future, as well.


Bene scribete, friends.