Reading Habits

Throwing a book


One of my fellow book-clubbers* came across this interesting article on personal reading rules (which in turn was inspired by this one), and I thought I’d continue the chain here, as it makes for a fun topic of discussion.


So here were my own responses:

  • I often find myself reading five or so books at a time.  I don’t necessarily like to…it just happens.
  • I don’t use bookmarks.  I just remember what page I left off on.
  • I suppose I appreciate the idea of dust jackets (fancy graphic cover AND classy textured actual cover), but in practice I also kind of hate them.  I try to leave them on when reading, since I don’t like having to find somewhere to put them, but they’re just…slippery and annoying.  I’d prefer all hardbacks be print-on casebound.
  • I take care to preserve not only the spine, but also the page edges.  I can’t stand the green streaks that manifest toward the middle from prolonged holding (mainly an issue with the cheaper acid paper used in mass market paperbacks).
  • I hate writing in books, even if they’re workbooks or madlibs or what-have-you meant for writing in.
  • My eyes will sometimes jump to the middle or bottom of a page to spite me (particularly in interesting passages).  When this gets particularly bad, I’ll put a hand over the lower part of the page to prevent myself from reading ahead.
  • A book has to be really, really awful or boring for me to actively give up on it once I’ve committed to reading it.  But I tend to have a longer attention span than most (ironically enough, considering the first point), and am more willing to force myself to seek the merit in things.


Anyone else up for confessing your own?  (>^-‘)>


*Does that sound like someone who beats books with a stick?


Bene scribete.


6 responses to “Reading Habits

    • Hehe. Good to know I have some fellows in my own neuroses! (>^-‘)>

      But I suppose you could take advantage of eBooks – they stay ‘open’ to whatever page you left off on!

    • Excellent point!

      Unlike re-watching my favorite films (which I could do in a short as a day’s interval), I have a hard time re-reading even my most favorite books. I just tend to remember them too well, I suppose, and can’t easily recapture the magic, so to speak. Sometimes I’ll go back to one if it’s been enough years that it has significantly faded from memory, but like you, I will look up passages I really liked now and then!


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