Wednesday Night



Brown moon


“This pizza is the worst,” I said
And punched a zebra in the head,
Then rode the escalator to
The brown side of the moon.

“This place is rather bleak,” I said,
But still, I needed to be fed.
Well, then an alligator came
And offered me a spoon.

“I have some jam to try,” he said,
“It makes a pretty tasty spread.”
I took the jar and stirred it up
And thanked my swampy friend.

“This jam may do the trick,” I said,
But first I’d need to find some bread.
So off I ran to Mars to put
My hunger to an end.

“I’d like a piece of toast,” I said,
“Though pancakes would suffice instead.”
A rabbit heard my plea and waved
Me over to her shop.

“I have a biscuit here,” she said,
“You’re welcome to it – go ahead!”
But as I picked it up I heard
A nosy Martian cop.

“You can’t be doing that,” he said,
Then over to my side he sped
And seized my wrist before I had
The chance to take a bite.

“You’re absolutely right,” I said,
And went back home to go to bed.
Turns out I had forgotten I
Don’t eat on Wednesday night.


Bene scribete.


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