Halfway There (…maybe)

I finished the first legitimate draft of Chapter 8 of The Book this week.  It’ll need another draft before it’s presentable, since I want to change a few elements, but it’s brought me to the cusp of 60,000 words.  If this is roughly the midway point, then the overall length should be about what I expected.


So many pages...

Or, knowing me, it could end up like this


Although the writing process itself has gone smoother, these last two chapters have really been taking their time coming out of me, each turning into month-long endeavors.  I suppose it’s because the plot is ramping up, and there are several important scenes (one of them the longest, yet) to which I’ve paid more-than-usual detail in an effort to ensure certain things are getting across properly.  It remains to be seen whether or not those efforts have been successful, but I’m sure there will be plenty more tweaking to come.

It’s always an interesting contrast.  The further along the story, the better the grasp on the plot and characters and the easier the ideas come, but at the same time, the harder it gets to juggle everything in a precise and cohesive manner.  I’m curious to hear other writers’ thoughts – do you find it easiest to write at the beginning, when your concept is still unpolished but you have more freedom, or do you have a better time toward the end, when your path is narrower but the direction is clearer?


Bene scribete.


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